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Entertainment & Nightlife in Sudan


As far as nightlife of Sudan is concerned, it is only limited to cinemas and theatres. It can also be experienced in a shisha den as visiting dens is the only option to take immense pleasures during night. Shisha or hubble bubble pipe is smoked in these dens. But these dens belong exclusively to the males. Shisha in Sudan comes in two varieties. The tufaah is apple-flavoured tobacco, and jaraak, the harsh strong plain tobacco is flavoured by halfawis. Shisha dens are hard to find in Khartoum. However in Kassala they seem to be everywhere.

The country has no legal bars and no nightclubs due to strict Sharia Law even alcohol is also strictly banned. You can say that nightlife of Sudan is a very low affair. The Sudanese nightlife is only limited to share tea with your near and dear ones.

Places to Unwind

The best entertainment in Sudan is found in Khartoum and Omdurman, with the national theatre, music hall, cinemas, open-air and hotel entertainment. Islam is in charge here, so the only thing that's frequently drunk in Sudan is tea. You can also knock at the doors of tea drinking clubs, enjoy concerts and musical shows in big hotels and traditional folklore are a major part of Sudan up roaring nightlife. Last but really not the least, there are al fresco eateries bestowing a chance to enjoy Italian gelato, brewed coffee and pastries and thus become the part of expatriates hang out. However, the glamour of nightlife is at its peak particularly on Thursday & Friday night when the environs of entertaining joints are exceptionally crowded with locals and tourists from various part of the world.

In some of the displaced settlements you might find some Southern style parties with Congolese music and illegal liquor but this is rare, extremely dangerously illegal and not something tourists will see. As a foreigner in Khartoum you can score invites to the regular expatriate house parties and gatherings if you want, where you'll find plenty of alcohol and occasionally music and dancing. Unlike the Southerner's parties, there's not much chance of a police raid here and their existence is well tolerated provided it stays indoors.

Overall, Sudanese nightlife is pretty much restricted to sharing tea with friends or going to the cinema.





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