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Driving in Sudan

In Sudan, traffic drives on the right. Driving in Sudan is chaotic but not especially dangerous by African standards. Paved, all-weather roads connect Khartoum with Port Sudan via Kassala, and with Kosti and Sennar. The drive between Khartoum and Port Sudan takes approximately 12 hours, excluding stops. There are few amenities along the route. Although fuel can usually be found in the larger cities, all necessities, including plenty of food and water, first aid and toilet supplies, and essential spare parts should be carried in the vehicle. Travel elsewhere by car is difficult, even with four-wheel drive vehicles. In the rainy season, travel in the southern regions is virtually impossible.

Khartoum is both easy and difficult to get around. It is easy in that much of the city is laid out on a grid, with long straight roads and the airport and Nile as easy reference places.

Carnet de Passage, adequate finance and road-worthiness certificate (from the embassy) are all needed. An International Driving Permit is recommended, although not legally required. A temporary driving licence is available from local police on presentation of a valid driving licence, for a maximum period of three months.





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